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PLC setting of Longzhong greenhouse automation system


Whether it is sunlight intensity, indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, good air convection, these factors have varying degrees of needs for plants during the day and night, so the "greenhouse automation system" is a special consideration for greenhouse plants.

What I want to talk about today is that we, Longzhong, did a case of greenhouse automation for the Taitung Agricultural Reform Field of the Agricultural Committee of the Executive Yuan, and the owner's greenhouse was planted with Dendrobium orchid🌺


How much do you know about this flower?

Dendrobium orchid is a kind of orchid, and it is an emerging flower of the orchid family potted flower. The annual demand in the international market is more than 8 million pots. Although Dendrobium orchid is more heat-resistant and less susceptible to disease than ordinary orchids, there are still many things to pay attention to in planting, so they are usually planted in greenhouses.

"Temperature control" is an important key to the differentiation of Dendrobium buds. In addition, Dendrobium has a relatively high demand for water. Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to water its plants in time; It leads to root damage and failure of cultivation, so watering management is also one of the most important cultivation points.


We first go to the site to understand what the owner's equipment has and what needs it wants to achieve. After understanding, we design the lines and modules according to the customer's needs. In the concept of system design, the external network and the internal network of each building are mainly controlled to be closed and closed according to the conditions, so as to achieve the control of the amount of light of the plants, and four cooling fans, water wall pumps and internal circulation fans are used. Control the temperature and humidity in the greenhouse.

The design of the water wall pump also gives quite intelligent settings. The humidity is the priority, if the humidity is insufficient, it will start; if the humidity is too high, it will stop. When the humidity is between the lower limit and the upper limit, it will be controlled by the temperature conditions.

PLC control of Longzhong greenhouse automation system


In addition, owners can also use luminosity or time to set parameters to switch between day/night modes. The user-friendly system design makes the overall control process smooth and easy to use. With this set of greenhouse automation system we planned, the owner can not only manage it easily, but also these spring dendrobium orchids can grow up beautifully!

Longzhong Greenhouse Automation System Dendrobium orchid


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