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construction joint water leakage map control detection

Expansion joint water leakage map control detection


The main function of building expansion joints is to provide a preset space for the concrete structure to release temperature stress, and to prevent improper damage caused by temperature stress. The case this time is about water leakage from building expansion joints in the customer's factory area.
This building expansion joint is located in the customer's factory area, and there will be drainage pipes such as air-conditioning, so an additional waterproof layer will be installed on the expansion joint. However, as earthquakes or other factors cause the expansion joints to move, even if there is a waterproof layer, water leakage from the pipeline cannot be prevented from dripping into the expansion joints.


Difficulties encountered by customers

Although there are liquid leakage detection tools installed in the customer's factory area, it can only know that there is a drip. Every time in order to find the leaks, the factory staff have to venture into the interlayer of the expansion joints of the building where there is no light at all. In addition to the complete blackness of sight, the interlayers of the expansion joints in the factory area are very deep. It is dangerous to send personnel to inspect where the expansion joints are leaking. However, after finding the leaks, it takes time to eliminate them.



Longzhong offers a solution

Longzhong engineers replaced the traditional night leak detection belt used previously, and changed it to a "position type liquid leakage detector", and connected it with the graphic control, so that the user can know the occurrence of expansion joint water leakage through the graphic control warning. Originally, only a certain area could be displayed. After Longzhong engineers incorporated a formula to calculate the distance, the map control screen can display the approximate location of the leak.

Position Type Leakage Detector

Factory personnel no longer need to search for leaks in expansion joints where they can't see their fingers. This not only greatly increases the time to eliminate leaks, but also reduces the time personnel spend in building expansion joints, reducing the probability of accidents.
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