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Industrial GEX exhaust windmill system PLC automatic control

Industrial GEX exhaust windmill system PLC automatic control


What is GEX? In fact, its full name is General EXhaust, which means general exhaust in Chinese. GEX windmill is a very basic ventilation equipment, and its application range is very wide, so it is not only used in professional manufacturing plants such as industry, technology industry, and food processing industry, but even in department store service industry, medical care industry, transportation and warehousing industry...hellip; …. In all walks of life, you can see traces of exhaust windmills.
In this case, the GEX exhaust fan is mainly used in the clean room of a large industrial factory to deal with the non-hazardous chemical composition of the exhaust produced by the on-site environment of some production machines.


Difficulties encountered by customers

In the clean room of the original customer's factory area, the MAU external air conditioning box will supply fresh air into the clean room, and the GEX exhaust windmill will suck away the waste gas generated by the machine, CO2 and other bad gases generated by personnel activities, and achieve a closed space complete air circulation inside.
However, as the production line of the customer's factory gradually expands, the displacement calculated by the factory at the time of the original construction is seriously insufficient. When one windmill fails, even if the remaining exhaust windmills run at full load, they cannot meet the exhaust requirements of the clean room, which causes difficulties for employees in production operations.
Therefore, we need our Longzhong to assist in adding an exhaust windmill and integrating it with the original windmill to achieve interactive operation.


Longzhong offers a solution

Longzhong’s engineers carry out control planning for the owner, and the additional exhaust windmill must not only achieve loading and load reduction, but also be able to integrate with the existing exhaust windmill. Therefore, Longzhong wrote the PLC logic control program, so that the GEX exhaust windmills can operate alternately, can be turned on in turn, and can also control and stop several windmills as backup machines.
The addition of rotation not only achieves the energy saving effect of the factory, but also prolongs the service life of the exhaust windmill.


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