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Factory roller bottle machine anti-fooling automatic control project

Factory roller bottle machine anti-fooling automatic control project


The automatic bottle rolling machine is a device that mixes liquid by rolling the bottle flat. The case I want to share today is that the customer is a Japanese company, a semiconductor material manufacturer, and the bottle roller machine is also used in daily operations. Longzhong completed safety improvements on automatic bottle rolling equipment in response to customer needs.


Difficulties encountered by customers

When the operator opens the bottle roller cabinet to take out the medicine, the bottle roller machine will still continue to move. This poses the risk of the operator's fingers being entangled in the machine. Therefore, it is hoped that improvement measures can be taken to address this problem.
The owner has searched for many manufacturers, but they were all told that they could not assist in the construction. Later, they entered our factory in LongzhongWhen replacing the seismograph, the owner did not take the opportunity to ask our engineer, but Longzhong was willing to help!


Longzhong provides solutions

After thinking about it, Longzhong engineers decided to use the characteristics of the reed switch: as long as the magnet is close (close the door) and the magnetic force is greater than the elastic force, the reed will attract and conduct the circuit. When the door is closed, the bottle roller machine will continue to operate; otherwise , when the magnet separates (opens the door), the reed will spring open (close the circuit), that is, when the door of the bottle rolling machine is opened, it will stop operating, in order to match the action principle of the relay B contact to meet the needs of the owner.

After the idea came out, we customized acrylic boxes for customers, and prepared to install some sensors at the door of the roller bottle machine。


Customized bottle rolling machine automatic control project


Customized bottle rolling machine


The following is what it looks like in the end, successfully solving the customer’s troubles!



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