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Factory energy scada monitoring and management-electric meter automatic output report system

Meter installation electricity bill calculation output report

No matter what type of business it is, "electricity bill" is a cost item that must be paid, and it is often the expenditure that owners are most concerned about. Although smart meters now exist, allowing owners to Understand the electricity consumption in time, but if someone can directly calculate the electricity cost for you based on the time electricity price and generate a report, wouldn't it be more convenient and get twice the result with half the effort?


Difficulties encountered by customers

In addition to being able to see the power consumption status of the factory through the panel at any time, the owner also hopes to include all production lines, sockets, lights, offices... various power consumption details in the factory can be counted and automatically calculated. The electricity bill output report allows owners to fully control the status of electricity usage.


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Based on the customer's needs, Longchung's engineers consolidated the factory's power consumption status and used communication technology to transmit the factory's meter data and display it on the SCADA panel. Through the formula set by the engineer, the output report can be automatically calculated according to Taipower's current charging price.

Smart meters automatically generate reports

With factory power consumption data and production line equipment output flow, the unit energy consumption of each equipment can also be calculated. Therefore, customers can use this data to identify facilities with poor efficiency when checking performance, and perform maintenance on more power-consuming equipment. , or you can consider replacing more efficient equipment in the future.


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