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Modification of the InTouch program of the factory graphics control system



As ESH (Environmental, Safety and Health) receives more and more attention, factories and enterprises will pay more attention to environmental control issues when planning factory exhaust systems and wastewater treatment systems to reduce operational errors or Opportunity for unexcused downtime.
Therefore, choosing to use redundant control is a popular option. By using duplicate or backup communication control channels as an alternative, you can ensure the reliability of the overall process and improve fault tolerance.


Difficulties encountered by customers

The exhaust system in the owner's factory also uses redundant control. Siemens S7-400 PLC is used to control and switch the exhaust system master/standby machine, and then the PLC information is displayed on the InTouch graphic control.
However, the old graphic control program had some bugs. The most serious one was that it often misjudged communication abnormalities, causing the main and backup machines to constantly switch back and forth, and the exhaust system could not operate smoothly and normally.



Longzhong provides solutions

In response to the problems in this case, our Longzhong engineers first went into the factory to investigate and confirm the status of the PLC. After confirming that the PLC was not faulty, they then carefully checked the connection and wiring status of each communication line. Finally, they checked the InTouch graphic control program and found that it was This situation occurs because the logical instructions are not issued clearly.
After modifying the graphic control program and adding comprehensive logic conditions, the factory exhaust system in the owner's factory ran smoothly, and the status of the PLC could be clearly seen on the InTouch graphic control. Longzhong successfully handled the problem for the customer.


With the programming skills accumulated over time, whether it is a graphic control program or a PLC program, Longzhong has professional engineers who can solve your problems.


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