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Scrubber can effectively purify toxic gases emitted by the process and reduce factory exhaust costs. Scrubbers are divided into dry and wet types. In industry, we often come into contact with this kind of waste gas treatment equipment. In order to ensure that no other toxic waste gases or other chemical gases leak during operation, it is usually necessary to install an industrial gas leakage alarm detection system.


Difficulties encountered by customers

This owner is in the panel and wafer technology manufacturing industry. VOCs volatile organic waste gases are inevitably produced during the manufacturing process, so the factory has a Dry Scrubber dry scrubber for treatment. In order to ensure the safety of factory workers, comply with relevant regulations on exhaust gas emissions, and adhere to environmentally friendly conditions, detecting the leakage of VOCs is a very important step, so Longzhong was asked to assist.


Longzhong provides solutions

In response to the owner's needs, our engineers at Longzhong installed gas detectors in the factory and used Siemens PLC S7-1500 for automatic control to transmit data information back to the graphic control interface. Gas leakage alarm reminders were also set. In addition to detecting VOCs leakage during DRY Scrubber operation, factory staff can also monitor operations more intuitively.


By regularly inspecting the scrubber and automatically detecting gas leakage control during normal operations, any potential leakage problems can be discovered and repaired early, thereby ensuring the normal operation of the equipment and reducing the impact on the environment and human health.


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