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PLC automatic control and calculation power grid connection system

Longzhong PLC automatic control and calculation power grid connection system

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There are two forms of electricity: AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current). Both are different in various aspects. AC electricity can be generated by various generators (there are many types of generators, please refer to: Super detailed introduction to generator types ).
Occasionally in the industry, there is a need to combine AC and AC power supplies. This may be because of different equipment needs, for system integration, for energy optimization, as a backup power supply, etc. Using generators to supply power requires calculating the capacity of the electrical load in the factory, and PLC programmable logic controllers can assist in calculating automation.


Difficulties encountered by customers

Some equipment in the customer's factory cannot be shut down. In order to avoid unexpected situations such as accidental heartbeats in power consumption, diesel generators are installed as backup power sources so that when an emergency occurs, power can be supplied to maintain the operation of the machine equipment.
Factory personnel need to calculate the factory's electrical load capacity, determine whether the generator's power generation capacity can support these loads, and then decide whether to put the generator into operation to avoid overloading the generator after it is put into operation and causing the generator to trip. Originally, calculations could only be done manually, and instructions could only be given through graphic control. The flexibility was not high. The customer hoped to make the power system grid-connected control more automated.


Longzhong provides solutions

In order to make it easier for factory personnel to manage, Longzhong engineers carried out major software modifications. In addition to allowing the system to be remotely controlled, the computing part was also controlled by a PLC. The logic control program can automatically calculate the electrical load capacity and automatically determine whether to use the generator for power supply. Smart PLC program control can provide faster and more stable power backup in the factory when a power outage occurs, shorten the power restoration time, and also reduce the owner's loss costs.


In this case, the alternating current generated by the generator and Taipower's direct current were connected to the grid and merged into the power supply plant. After being modified by the Longzhong PLC control software, it became a more reliable power backup system, and the effective integration of energy can improve the stability of the power supply and adapt to a variety of application requirements, while reducing energy consumption and improving equipment efficiency.


Any need to modify the factory power grid-connected PLC control software
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