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Summer is here, and when it comes to summer, the most needed thing is air-conditioning!
Usually press the remote control switch, the air outlet will blow out cool air
But have you ever wondered where these cool winds come from? What is the principle of air conditioning?


In fact, the principle of air conditioning is very simple
The outside air passes through the filter screen to filter out the dust in the air, and then passes through the cold coil, and the cold coil is connected to the ice water control valve to control the degree of coldness, and the generated gas becomes cold air.

The ice water control valve adjusts and controls the opening according to the indoor temperature or dew point, so as to achieve a constant indoor temperature (dew point). The temperature of the ice water is 10-14 degrees, which is produced by the ice water machine, and then the flow of the ice water is controlled by the ice water control valve to achieve the constant temperature of the whole system.


In terms of air conditioning, LongZhong have done many related projects:
Clean room air conditioners, MIS computer room air conditioners……etc. for panel factories and wafer factories
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