First look at the actual cases of Longzhong PLC Automation programming sevices ! LINE VOOM post string is tracked, don't miss it

Longzhong Line voom

Report you a Line voom post string 【Tracking】Tips!!
You can first see ○.○Longzhong Enterprise's new customer service PLC Automation programming sevices cases every week.
Pick up your phone and click on Longzhong Line voom:
1. The phone jumps out of the screen,Please tap【Open with App】
2. You can see all the posts of Longzhong Enterprise, and want to see the latest actual performance cases of Longzhong Enterprise serving customers every week.
Press the longzhong logo to enter the settings【track】
Longzhong Line voom tracking settings
3.【track】green button,Press to complete the setting
4.You can track the latest case posts of Longzhong every Wednesday【The actual case of PLC automatic control industry service】
Switch to【Voom】,and above switch to【Tracking】
Take a Look at Longzhong's New Performance Cases

Longzhong Line voom Post String Tracking Setting Video Operation:

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