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PLC programming system writing

PLC programming system writing


PLC programming and communication with equipment system

The process control of factory automation equipment needs to communicate with the equipment system through PLC programming. The Longzhong team can customize the PLC design and integrate the system factory machine equipment.
Programmable logic controller (PLC) is abbreviated as PLC. It is mainly used for industrial automation control digital logic controller. It loads control instructions into memory for storage and execution, and can receive (input) and send (output) various types of electronic Signals to control or supervise different types of mechanical machines and electrical systems. Longzhong is good at the integration of functional automation system engineering such as sequence control, analog control, logic control, multi-machine communication, etc. The PLC controller system program is generally initialized before leaving the factory. After purchasing, your company needs to edit the corresponding use according to your own needs. To meet the requirements of different automated production equipment, if your company does not have PLC programming system writers, the Longzhong enterprise team can serve you.

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