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Integrated Factory Automation Solution

Factory system integration, dust-free room temperature and humidity control, positive pressure system and vacuum system planning and design

The strict automation control process of high-tech industry factories needs to be carried out under the system integration facilities of high-tech industry factories and workshops that meet the standard specifications, Therefore, on-site plant system engineering, plant monitoring facility environment, plant automation system equipment, etc. need to be carefully designed, planned, constructed and maintained in terms of hydropower and air conditioning, instrument control, pipeline equipment, waste water and waste gas treatment, environmental ecological protection, etc. Make its process control system environmental inspection, air inspection, water quality inspection in line with various process quality control requirements.


The three element conditions of temperature, humidity and pressure in the clean room process, The numerical requirements are particularly strict and need to be controlled within the requirements of the dust-free production process, whether it is indoor temperature and humidity, indoor pressure, noise and vibration, etc. must be properly controlled. In the production process area of ​​the clean room, it is necessary to use positive pressure and a filter to block the dust to maintain the cleanliness of the clean room. The factory environment in the clean room should be controlled and limited to avoid many abnormalities and crashes of machines and equipment caused by the adhesion of particles in the air during the product manufacturing process, which will affect the production of products will have many product defects and scrapping.


The integration of automated factory management systems integrates the facilities and equipment required by the factory into a complete automation control system in accordance with the standard operating procedures. In order to facilitate factory personnel to implement factory production process management, the system must also have monitoring efficiency, availability and safety. This is our Longzhong expertise. In order to meet the special requirements of constant temperature/humidity/constant pressure, it must consume a lot of energy to maintain it from a physical point of view. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the issue of energy saving in planning, And we Longzhong have quite a lot of experience in automatic control system design in this area, and can plan the most suitable automatic factory affairs system for you according to your factory business environment.


Whether it is water treatment, electricity, gas/chemical supply, electromechanical system……, etc., Longzhong enterprises have quite deep experience in automatic control factory system integration. We can properly plan and evaluate the quotation for the customer's integration needs from the most professional point of view regarding the customer's cost compilation and factory engineering questions.


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Factory Service Water Distribution System

Boron wastewater resin tower

Boron is an environmental poison, a complex that exists in nature. Although the toxicity itself is not strong, it has the characteristic of accumulation, and if accumulated to a certain extent, it will cause harm to the environment. The relevant laws and regulations point out that the boron-containing wastewater cannot be discharged into the environment beyond the standard value, so it is necessary to remove the boron in the wastewater before it can be discharged.
Factory Service Water Distribution System

PCW system

The process cooling water system is also known as PCW. It can not only be used to cool the machine, but also can be used as the ice water supply for the temperature control of the clean room space. It is a very common application system in the industry.
Factory Service Facility GAS/Chemical System


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