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SCADA monitoring system planning

SCADA monitoring system design

Are you looking for an integrated manufacturer of graphic control monitoring systems that can modify SCADA, iFIX, InTouch, etc.?
Longzhong Enterprise can tell you that it has been deeply involved in the field of automation control for many years, and has rich solutions to modify SCADA, InTouch, iFIX... Real-time data visualization facilitates production site management. In addition to ensuring the safety of on-site personnel, which is the most basic benefit, precise coordination and monitoring can also be used to achieve smooth and stable overall production processes. factory.

On-site SCADA information enters the database through visual graphic control to improve utilization rate, real-time quality monitoring, raw material cost control, etc., obtain data through PLC communication, integrate machine equipment automation, perform necessary analysis for your sensing and monitoring, and ensure production parameters and Function setting optimization can even further analyze the causes of factory equipment machine failures and find the best solution for manpower scheduling.


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Graphic Control Systems

Air compressor system integration project

An air compressor (also known as an air compressor) refers to a machine used to compress air to increase gas pressure. It is generally used in cement manufacturing, chemical plants, hydropower plants, food industry, control instruments, driving equipment, surface spraying, aircraft and automobile manufacturing, etc. It can be seen in almost all walks of life. But, did you know that it also has applications in hospitals?
Graphic Control Systems

iFIX data control clean room AHU

iFIX provides process visualization, data collection and data monitoring of production operations, enabling rapid response to production events. Through iFIX, administrators can not only clearly monitor/control the AHU air-conditioning box system of the clean room, but also set the PID value of the windmill inverter by themselves, which can be set manually or automatically output control during operation, providing user-friendly management. choose.