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Conservatory Automation System

Agricultural Greenhouse Automation Monitoring System

Longzhong also has planning experience in agricultural automation greenhouse environmental monitoring system, integrating various temperature and humidity sensors, monitoring environmental data and automatic control equipment.
Whether it is: temperature control of the environment, light control of plants, automatic sprinkler system, cooling and ventilation system…., etc., even for fertilizer compost fermentation, Longzhong can also simplify the process for you to automatically monitor and control, and effectively manage the growth of plant farming . All these details are crucial elements for the growth of crops. Longzhong can create various automation systems for your greenhouse and carry out overall environmental control to provide your crops with the most suitable environment for growth.


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Environmental Control System

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In addition to the PLC point-to-point test, Longzhong also began to install sensors and field wiring and piping projects. Longzhong engineers, who strive for perfection, finally adjusted the entire fermentation system to the original plan.
Environmental Control System

Greenhouse automation for farm conversion

Whether it is sunlight intensity, indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, good air convection, these factors have varying degrees of needs for plants during the day and night, so the "greenhouse automation system" is a special consideration for greenhouse plants. .
Environmental Control System

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We designed the food waste fermentation equipment by Longzhong himself. This system later attracted the attention of an environmental protection company in Shanghai. The other party was very interested in this. After contacting Longzhong, they made an appointment to fly to Taiwan to visit our Qingongdu Farm in Kanding, Pingtung.