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Human Machine Interface planning

Human Machine Interface design

What is HMI? It is the English abbreviation of Human Machine Interface. In Chinese, it is called human-machine interface, also known as user interface or user interface. HMI human-machine interface is a medium for interaction and information exchange between systems and users. It presents the conversion between the internal form of information and the human-acceptable form. There are many equipments in the industry, which can be automatically controlled by PLC programmable design. Through the friendly HMI man-machine interface planning, customers can have a clearer view of the system status and make all management operations easier.

Siemens WINCC Flexible、pro-face、 Mitsubishi GOT……The HMI planning of the brand's human-machine interface is a technical project that Longzhong is good at. It establishes the HMI screen display and functions for your system operation, and can access the required system information from anywhere to reflect the production status. Before planning the human-machine interface, we will carry out a detailed system operation link interface design for the entire equipment to ensure the integrity of the entire HMI. The data information of each equipment can be used to understand the operation status of PLC programmable man-machine interface and other man-machine interface products through the HMI interface. After delivery to the customer, the structure and hierarchy of the entire operation process can ensure that the user can quickly grasp the operation and use of the equipment in a short period of time.


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Human Machine Interface

Add HMI human-machine monitoring RTO

The HMI human-machine interface can securely connect two different networks, and aggregate a large amount of data generated by the field and the central control room for the operator to manage. Long Zhong took a case that an old customer needs to add an HMI human-machine interface to monitor the RTO operation status and process.