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Automatic Electrical Systems Integration

All kinds of automatic control equipment instrument and electricity integration / instrument control system planning

What is Instrumentation? In fact, INESA has a wide range of definitions, as long as it is maintenance and manufacturing supervision and design/planning/installation/maintenance of electrical instrumentation and control equipment engineering, it is all within the scope of Instrumentation's business. Not only that, the I&C project not only encounters on-site lines and pipelines, but also the design and operation of the software must be integrated with I&E planning to complete a complete automatic control system.

Longzhong has been deeply involved in the field of automatic control for many years. We have very professional personnel from on-site wiring to instrument installation, PLC, man-machine, and graphic control programs. With profound professional experience, we can help you solve all problems of Instrumentation at one time. Accurately realize your needs and efficiently integrate and plan the instrument and electrical system, allowing you to enjoy the dual advantages of system automation and humanized management at one time.


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Instrumentation control system

Instruments and Electronics between gas cabinet and SCADA

In the process of many high-tech industries, gas has always played a very important role, especially in the semiconductor process, including: dry etching, oxidation, ion implantation, thin film deposition... and other technical processes, will use considerable much gas. The purity of gas has a decisive impact on component performance and product yield, and the safety of gas supply is related to the health of personnel and the safety of factory operations.
Instrumentation control system

UPS uninterruptible power system

For an industry located in an industrial zone, regular downtime is a big deal.
Whether it is a planned or unexpected power outage, we must take measures to prevent it from causing us losses.