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Industrial Conduit Engineering

Industrial piping wiring

Longzhong started with the power distribution control panel, and it has been at least 30 years since its establishment.

Time and experience, we have refined the technical ability of steady and steady operation, we have quite professional engineers and electrical engineers to carry out on-site construction planning for you, Whether it is: water and electricity piping and wiring, industrial equipment power distribution, design and wiring of various automatic equipment control panels, installation of various instrument sensors, instrument panel body design, Siemens/AB/Mitsubishi brand control panel assembly… ,These are all our specialty projects. This is why many old customers still come to us for industrial piping and wiring projects.

Longzhong has practical experience in instrument and electrical engineering in various industries such as biotechnology, biochemical, chemical, and biological industries. We believe that our professional technical team can definitely create reliable and efficient factory system equipment for you.


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Instrumentation control system

Production line connection box production

Clean room "junction box", also known as terminal box / storage box, storage tray, mainly provides an environment for the integration of clean room production lines and wire troughs, and at the same time achieves the functions of storage and protection. Longzhong automatic control panel started out, and has many years of design experience in the production of connecting junction boxes. The use of junction boxes in the factory to accommodate circuits can make welding and maintenance easier.
Instrumentation control system

Siemens PLC control panel assembly

Before assembling the PLC control panel, the design is the foundation. It is necessary to design the circuit, plan the size of the panel, and customize the appropriate size of the storage control panel. After confirming that there is no problem, the subsequent assembly will be started.
Instrumentation control system

Oil-immersed transformer repair

In recent years, the types of home appliances have been quite diversified, and every household has purchased more and more electrical equipment. Frequent use of various types is easy to overload the oil-immersed transformer, and the overloaded transformer will heat up the inner coil and deteriorate the insulating oil.