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Central Monitoring Systems Planning

FMCS Central Monitoring Systems Planning

In large factories or technology workshops, there are many independent monitoring systems and equipment, such as factory air-conditioning environment, gas dust collection system management, power backup voltage monitoring system, water treatment system, etc. to maintain the stable operation of various systems in the workshop.

For a plant that operates 24 hours a day, once there is a problem in any link and it is not discovered in time, it will cause incalculable losses. Therefore, how to establish a real-time monitoring system with high reliability, quick response and convenient operation is a very important part of plant management.

FMCS (Facility Monitor and Control System),It can integrate the screen monitoring, data collection and storage of each monitoring system, not only central monitoring, but also report analysis and export, event warning ……,It is also the range that FMCS can do.。

In fact, the FMCS factory central monitoring system is no longer just the advantage of instant monitoring, but also has the strength of long-term analysis and management.

We Longzhong have many years of deep experience in plant system planning. When your plant is faced with huge data, we can accurately integrate and plan the system according to your needs, so that managers can effectively organize and track data, Then analyze or make decision-making judgments to achieve the advantages of improving management efficiency and reducing control costs.


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