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Longzhong Kitchen Waste Fermentation Equipment System


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Last time, it was mentioned that the equipment that Longzhong contracted to Shanghai manufacturers was finally assembled, and then Longzhong's technicians flew from Taiwan to Xuzhou to inspect the control panel. In addition to checking whether the specifications are in line with our requirements, and performing PLC point-to-point tests, the installation of sensors and on-site wiring and piping projects have also begun.


Food waste fermentation equipment PLC control panel

During the few days of construction in Xuzhou, I found that even if they were all Chinese-speaking Asians, there would still be some cultural differences in communication. For example, the material is different: the "silicon" often said in Taiwan is called silica gel here, the water stop tape is called raw material tape here, and the USB flash drive is called U disk...and so on.

Maybe the engineers had some errors in the vocabulary expressions and the parts understood by the Shanghai manufacturers. During the inspection of the control panel, they found that the equipment was somewhat different from what we planned in Longzhong, so it took more time to correct it.

Longzhong Food Waste Fermentation Equipment Food Waste Fertilizer Fermentation


Longzhong engineers, who strive for perfection and do not let go of any details, finally adjusted the entire fermentation system to the original plan. After the fermentation equipment was completed and the program was launched, we Longzhong helped guide customers: how to use the fermentation equipment to control parameters such as temperature and humidity of food waste, how to mix food waste so that it does not stink, and how to properly ferment food waste to become fertilizer… Wait, and finally let the customer produce the first batch of fertilizer smoothly.
This fermentation system technology transfer project took about 5 months to complete, and it took about 5 months for Longzhong to complete it. The personnel were evacuated from Xuzhou.


Longzhong felt very gratified to be able to transfer the kitchen waste compost fermentation technology and knowledge. The contradictions and conflicts between material civilization and environmental protection have been constantly being staged around our lives. While human beings sing about saving energy and caring for the earth, they also create a lot of garbage and destroy the environment.
Regardless of the land, the east, the south, the northwest, the people, men, women, age, and industry, regardless of all walks of life, the relationship between the environment and human beings is always two-way. What kind of nutrients we give to the soil, what kind of return we get. As long as one more person knows the value of food waste composting and invests in it, the relationship between human beings and the environment will be a big step forward.

Longzhong kitchen waste fermentation equipment automation
Longzhong-Food Waste Fermentation Equipment (Picture 1)


Longzhong kitchen waste fermentation equipment automatic control
Longzhong-Food Waste Fermentation Equipment (Picture 2)


Longzhong kitchen waste fermentation machine
Longzhong-Food Waste Fermentation Equipment (Figure 3-Vision)



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