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HMI project upgrade and update

HMI project upgrade and update


A while ago, Long Zhong received a case from a client
The main problem is that there are some problems with the HMI panel used in the original factory area, and the HMI model has been discontinued. I hope Longzhong can help to replace it with a new version of the HMI and move the old HMI program data to the new HMI. .


What? Does the original human-machine (HMI) also need to be upgraded?
That's right! Although the man-machine itself is not upgraded, there will be no problem in normal use. However, if the HMI has not been upgraded and updated for many years, problems such as failures will cause differences in the operating system version, and the HMI project to be run at this time needs to be converted before it can be executed.
The conversion process often requires a redesign of the application, and can also have serious consequences, such as high costs associated with plant downtime. Therefore, it is suggested that you should update the man-machine regularly, so as to avoid more troubles in factory operations when there is a problem.


For the case that Yilongzhong contacted, the old HMI of the original customer had low resolution and the old HMI data did not have good compatibility. When executing the upgraded HMI project, some internal objects may have errors. Therefore, our engineers in Longzhong carefully carried out the human-machine program transfer, and assisted in re-editing the wrong objects and adjusting the screen after the human-machine project was upgraded.
In addition, our engineers also found that at the factory site, the original HMI installation holes were small, so when installing the new human-machine interface, Longzhong added a new frame for the customer to fix it to make it more stable.


Usually, Longzhong also recommends that customers who are using HMI in the factory area can buy a few more HMIs as spare parts. will be greatly reduced.

In addition to solving the customer's automatic control problems and meeting the customer's automation needs, Longzhong will also handle those trivial details that may affect the customer's experience of use.

Longzhong not only pays attention to the needs of customers, but also completes each case with heart


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