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MBR system expands recycling of comprehensive wastewater

MBR system expands recycling of comprehensive wastewater


Recently, I have contacted many customers in the high-tech panel industry who want to introduce AI automatic control. Therefore, it is currently necessary to establish a data database case. This will require precise calculation of the flow and water consumption of the factory water system. What I want to share with you today is the case of a customer's MBR system expanding wastewater recycling.

*What is the MBR system?
MBR (Membrane Bio-Reactor) is also called activated sludge membrane filtration method and membrane biotechnology method. The principle is to place a membrane in the system as a medium for separating sludge and water. The membrane filtration method is used to intercept suspended solids, and the precision filtration through the membrane makes the produced water quality excellent, which also improves the level and value of recycling.


Difficulties encountered by customers

Expanding the amount of recycled water requires very precise calculations, so the owner hopes to integrate the flow counter values ​​used in all MBR wastewater treatment systems on one page, and automatically calculate the recycled water consumption in each area and supply it to the factory. It is convenient for service personnel to view and make decisions.


Longzhong provides solutions

Longzhong engineers collect and transmit back the flow meter sensor signals of all water pipe lines in the factory area, use PLC automatic control to comprehensively calculate the flow values ​​of each area, and integrate the information into the SCADA panel. In this way, factory personnel can easily know the values, appropriately increase the amount of recycled wastewater, and facilitate the introduction of AI automatic control systems in the future.
Longzhong can also provide your factory with PLC automated judgment regeneration wastewater recovery system, AI intelligent wastewater dosing...etc. Factory water affairs system Optimize jobs.


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