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The TV screen was showing the charred buildings shot by the reporters in line, and the headline read the casualties of Dou Da. I believe that everyone has seen fire news frequently. According to the statistics of the Fire Department of the Ministry of the Interior, a fire occurs almost every 4 hours in Taiwan on average. Electrical factors, inadvertent construction, spontaneous combustion of flammable materials, etc., no matter what the cause is, the number of fires every year is as small as possible. Thousands, more than 10,000 cases have occurred!!!

A more astonishing data shows that more than 90% of the victims of the fire died in buildings with less than five floors, that is, sky-high houses, iron houses and brick bungalows.

The Fire Protection Act stipulates that buildings with more than six floors and a certain scale must "implement a fire prevention management system" and "install fire safety equipment" according to law. Heat, a warning is issued to remind people to escape quickly. In general, there is no statutory requirement for installation of houses below five floors. In many cases, tragedies are caused because the smoke and fire are not detected, and the opportunity to escape is missed.

So the fire didn't kill you because you didn't run fast enough,
But because the discovery is too slow!

Here we share with you a case we did.
This client company is dealing with the connection of Netcom equipment (connecting to routers, HUB……, etc.), and in the final test stage, it will put the equipment on the trolley to walk around to test the connection status of various places, and adjust the machine. To the highest performance to test stability. If the equipment is found to be defective after testing, it is easy to cause accidents such as excessive temperature and fire.
( According to statistics, electrical factors are the first cause of fire, accounting for about 30% of the total number of fire cases. )

At this time, install the smoke detector and be prepared!
Early detection can prevent larger disasters.

We install several smoke detection sub-machines and a main machine in the factory for our customers. The slave unit that detected the smoke will send the signal back to the master unit by radio waves, and the master unit will send the radio waves to the other slave units and the wireless mobile reporting module. Connect the wireless mobile reporting module to the PLC, the PLC will transmit the data to the graphic controller, and the graphic controller will then issue a smoke detection alarm, and send a message to the relevant personnel to notify the factory in whicAnd the sub-machines are linked with each other. When a sub-machine detects a fire, it will send an alarm together with other alarms and notify the clear fire location.h area smoke is detected.

We install such a complete set of smoke detection and fire alarm system, which can help customers know the news of fire in the shortest time. Even if the person in charge of the equipment is not in the factory area, he can immediately know the situation of the factory area, issue the most immediate order for the incident, and strive for time to escape and deal with it.


Accidents are prone to occur in some details that we often neglect. Of course, such accidents can be avoided as much as possible, so how to reduce the degree of disaster to a minimum when it cannot be avoided? In addition to developing the habit of taking precautionary measures, regular escape drills, regular inspections of firefighting equipment, and installation of a "smoke detection and fire alarm system" are also good choices for you.


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