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Customized Automatic Engineering

Automatic control customization engineering

Have an automation engineering idea but don't know who to turn to to help you realize it?
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With the profound experience in automation control engineering and the good reputation passed down by customers, we have been operating for many years, and we have been adhering to the spirit of professionalism and heart to treat every project and every customer.

Understanding your PLC control needs and realizing various customized automatic control projects for you is the biggest feature of Longzhong.

In addition to providing you with one-stop automatic control system engineering planning services, it also provides you with safe, stable and reliable control system services.

🌟🌟🌟Customers often ask about projects🔎:
PLC logic control: PLC error checking, PLC program modification, PLC replacement project, PLC update, remote overseas PLC program update and maintenance

Factory water system: Recycling of factory wastewater, intelligent system of factory wastewater dosing, industrial pure water system, process cooling water PCW system, resin tower wastewater treatment

Factory management alarm system: map control alarm system, SCADA monitoring system, MAIL alarm/LINE alarm notification, HMI man-machine monitoring interface equipment

Industrial exhaust system: automatic smoke detection, automatic control RTO exhaust system, acid and alkali exhaust SCRUBBER, scrubber

Environmental control: clean room intelligent air conditioning equipment, fan constant temperature and humidity system, agricultural greenhouse environmental control automation

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For 100% customized automatic control engineering, just look for Longzhong!
In this era of automation, we will provide you with trouble-free and worry-free services, so that you can feel that nothing is impossible.


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PLC Design Solutions

#Follow Longzhong across the sea: Beijing Public Research Unit part-1

This time I am in charge of a case of a public research unit in Beijing, which mainly needs to simulate the reaction of particle collisions in an ultra-high vacuum environment. In fact, this case was not looking for our assistance at the beginning. Due to various reasons, the follow-up came to us for emergency help.
PLC Design Solutions

#Follow Longzhong across the sea to Beijing: PLC integrated vacuum equipment system control overseas engineering technical support part-2

Overseas engineering and technical support for ultra-high vacuum equipment system control integration case, Longzhong planned to use PLC programming to design an automatic control system for the owner to achieve the automatic regeneration process of the cryopump, the system automatically monitors the information in the cryopump and judges the operation time to enter the automatic regeneration process , to ensure that the overall system vacuum can be maintained at ultra-high vacuum.
PLC Design Solutions

#Follow Longzhong across the sea to Beijing: Remote plc update control program system engineering-THE END

The remote remote PLC update control program system engineering is that after Longzhong completed this arduous task of PLC-controlled vacuum equipment across the sea, it ushered in another starting point for automation technology. When the customer has problems again, the remote connection PLC update program maintenance control Debugging, no need to fly out of cross-sea handler control system issues again.
PLC Design Solutions

The PLC design adds an automatic stop device for abnormalities in the photoelectric sensor

PLC design customized automatic abnormal signal detection, which is to automatically control and stop the machine equipment. The photoelectric sensor device is installed on the chain wear-resistant machine. When the light detection does not sense the chain, it will automatically stop the machine. , Longzhong writes PLC programs for the special needs of customers.