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"Is it possible to use airflow to separate harmful substances in water?"
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「Stripping Tower」


The raw materials and chemicals used in the manufacturing of semiconductors, wafers, and photovoltaic panels in the current high-tech industries are increasingly complex, and the problem of wastewater discharge is inevitable during the manufacturing process. Since the stripping tower is usually used for cleaning and removing particulate pollutants on the surface of the wafer in the semiconductor-related industry, The high concentration of ammonia nitrogen in the discharged wastewater will cause acute ammonia poisoning in aquatic organisms, resulting in water pollution of water sources.


Necessity of Ammonia for Water Environment Control

Ammonia is a colorless gas. The most terrifying thing is that when the indoor ammonia concentration reaches a certain level, it will have a pungent odor.

●The nitrification process consumes the dissolved oxygen in the water, resulting in the deterioration of the water quality
●The optimization of closed water bodies will lead to the proliferation of microorganisms and algae, and the consumption of dissolved air in the water will affect the ecosystem
●Toxic to aquatic life at high concentrations
●Causes an unpleasant (smelly) odor that can harm human health

Ammonia not only harms the environment, but also causes great harm to the human body, so regulations stipulate that ammonia-containing wastewater must be treated before it can be discharged.
That's right! The stripping tower is so amazing! It is used to remove ammonia gas from wastewater, which can not only share the load of the wastewater treatment system, but also reduce the impact on the environment.


Stripping Tower operating principle:

stripping tower it uses the mass transfer effect to operate the ammonia nitrogen-containing wastewater under alkaline conditions, pull the pH value to about 11, and separate the ammonia from the liquid phase by contacting with the airflow, and the ammonia is separated into ammonia gas.
stripping tower It is responsible for extracting ammonia gas, which needs to be executed together with the absorption tower. After the gaseous ammonia separated from the stripping tower, the absorption tower is used, and sulfuric acid is used to combine with it to form ammonia sulfate, and then another system is used to adjust the pH value for recovery.


When the absorption tower is in operation, the process of absorbing ammonia gas to produce ammonia sulfate is very cumbersome, and personnel must be arranged for batch operation control.
Longzhong can automate the ammonia wastewater treatment system, using the PLC logic designed according to the overall automatic control of the client-side stripping tower and absorption tower, and then operating through the PLC and human-machine interface, so that the entire ammonia wastewater treatment system can absorb ammonia gas in batches, achieve automatic operation. Customers no longer need to arrange human monitoring here, which greatly saves labor costs.


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